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Big Cube Bubble Scented Candle

Big Cube Bubble Scented Candle

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Key Features

  • Modern Design
  • Handmade Quality
  • Scented Elegance
  • Versatile Use

Product Specifications

  • Product Name: Big Cube Bubble Scented Candle
  • Main Material: Soy Wax + Beeswax
  • Colors: As shown in pictures
  • Burning Time: 3-5 hours
  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • Feature: Scented
  • Shape: Irregular (Cube Bubble)
  • Type: Aromatherapy
  • Use: Birthdays, Home Decoration, Weddings
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Handmade: Yes

Usage Ideas

  • Home Decoration: Enhance your living space with the unique cube bubble design and soothing fragrance.
  • Birthday Gifts: A stylish and aromatic gift for friends and loved ones.
  • Wedding Decor: Adds a touch of elegance to wedding decorations and table settings.
  • Special Occasions: Perfect for creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere for any event.

Usage Instructions

  1. Place the Candle: Set the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  2. Light the Wick: Use a match or lighter to ignite the wick.
  3. Enjoy the Ambiance: Let the candle burn to fill your space with a soothing aroma and gentle light.
  4. Safety First: Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep it away from drafts and flammable objects.


  1. Size Variation: Please allow a 0.1-0.5cm difference due to manual measurement.
  2. Color Difference: The item's color may vary slightly from the pictures due to light and screen settings.
  3. Storage: Store the candles in a cool, dry place to prevent melting and preserve fragrance.
  4. Safety: Ensure that burnt-out candles are disposed of safely to prevent accidental consumption by children or pets.
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