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DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle Kit – Create Personalized Candles

DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle Kit – Create Personalized Candles

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Unleash Your Creativity with DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle – A Delightful Blend of Artistic Expression and Candle Making

Unleash your creativity with our DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle kit, a delightful blend of artistic expression and candle making. Crafted for the imaginative soul, this kit allows you to transform an ordinary cylindrical candle into a personalized masterpiece, limited only by your imagination.

Each kit comes with a high-quality cylindrical candle mold, ready for your artistic touch. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner exploring your creative side, the mold provides the perfect template for your designs. Whether you prefer geometric shapes, floral motifs, or abstract designs, the possibilities are endless. With a little patience and creativity, you can create a truly unique and personalized candle that reflects your style and personality.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Random
  • Size: As shown in the picture
  • Quantity: 1 piece or 2 pieces (other accessories demoed in the picture are not included)
  • Includes: Candle mold


  • 1 x DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle kit

How to Use Your DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle Kit:

  1. Prepare Your Workspace: Choose a well-lit, clean area to work on your candle.
  2. Prepare the Mold: Place the cylindrical mold on a stable surface.
  3. Insert the Wick: Secure the wick in the center of the mold, ensuring it stays upright.
  4. Melt the Wax: Carefully melt the wax using a double boiler.
  5. Pour the Wax: Pour the melted wax into the mold, filling it to the desired level.
  6. Allow to Set: Let the wax cool and solidify completely.
  7. Trim the Wick: Trim the wick to the desired length.
  8. Remove the Candle: Gently remove the candle from the mold.
  9. Display or Gift: Place your finished candle in a prominent spot or wrap it as a thoughtful, handmade gift.

Enhance your crafting experience with the DIY Pattern Cylindrical Candle kit. Perfect for personal projects, craft nights, or as a unique gift for creative friends!

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